6/19/14 White Sox vs. Twins – Target Field

I wasn’t planning on going to this game. Originally, I had a baseball game of my own that I needed to play, but due to the heavy rain, my game was cancelled due to field conditions. Anyways, Noah, Nate and I met up earlier in the day, and we decided since my game was cancelled, we wanted to go to the White Sox vs. Twins game later that night. The only problem was if the Twins game would get cancelled, too, due to field conditions just like my game. We looked at the forecast which confirmed our fears but we figured since the MLB actually had a professional grounds crew, the game would still likely happen. When us three walked up to gate 34 in the right field plaza, this was the scene:Image


Ughhh. Not a surprise. I knew there was going to be no BP, but I was still hoping there would be some players playing catch or something. After we got our tickets and actually entered the stadium, my hopes became useless, as this was my second disappointing sight:


NOOO!!!! Now the only thing I was concerned about was getting on the board. I knew it was going to be pretty tough, but not as tough as a certain usher made it.


See those two white specs in the bullpen below? Yeah, those were baseballs. If the picture was bigger, you would see a group of grounds crew personnel in the top right corner. This is where that usher I was talking about comes into play. As soon as one of the grounds crew members got up and out of their chair, Noah asked him if he could toss him one of the balls laying around. They didn’t hear him, but the usher at the top of the stairwell sure did. He walked down a couple steps, pointed at Noah and I, and went ballistic. “NO PESTERING THE PLAYERS! IF YOU DO THAT ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO HAVE TO ASK YOU TO LEAVE!” First off, let me just say that we weren’t pestering at all, according to the Wikipedia definition: ” to trouble or annoy (someone) with frequent or persistent requests or interruptions.” We only asked ONCE for a ball. Secondly, they were grounds crew personnel, not players. And also, kicking us out for asking for a baseball? Really? Noah and I agreed that he was just some grumpy old usher. When we started back up the stairs to leave the section, we were stopped by another Target Field Ballhawk, Paul Kom, who asked me what the usher said to us. After I told him, his response was “That doesn’t even make sense…” 

     After that Noah, Nate, and I went to get some food. Once we finally found a spot with some cover from the rain to sit down and eat, this flashed up on the JumboTron:



At this point, I almost wanted to go home. I was worried that my streak was going to end, and also that the game would get postponed to the weekend, when I had a baseball tournament. When we finished eating, we hiked up to our ticketed seats in the last deck, since they were under cover. We thought it would be a good place to wait and see if the tarp was going to come off or not. Luckily, it eventually did:


And look at all the water it left behind:


At this point we decided  that we would head down to the main level in hopes of getting a ball from the players warming up. Noah and I went to the White Sox side, while Nate tried his luck on the more crowded Twins side. This was our view from the Sox side:


Jose Abreu.


My choice paid off, as I was able to come away with my one and only ball of the day from Dayan Viciedo:


It was used to play catch between Dayan Viciedo (of course), Alexi Ramirez, and Alejandro De Aza. My first ball used to play catch between three players, and also my first sharpie – marked ball:


I almost forgot, it was Yohan Pino’s MLB Debut. He really earned it after spending a decade in the minor leauges. He pitched pretty well for his MLB Debut, only giving up 2 runs over 7 innings.


And that was about it for the night. We left at the end of the 7th inning because it was getting late. Oh, I forgot to mention Nate got an Abreu foul ball handed to him by Brian Dozier.


1 Ball at this game

Season Avg: 2 balls per game

16 Lifetime Balls


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