7/13/14 All-Star Sunday – Target Field

Man was I excited. All-Star Sunday was finally here. This meant the start of the weeks festivities. My family decided we would go to the Futures game and Celebrity/Legends softball game, which happened to be convenient, because they were on the same day, one right after the other.

The day started off with me waking up at around 8:30am. After getting a few things ready, my family and I were off to the light rail station, so we could take the light rail to the newly renovated Target Field Station. This way we didn’t have to fuss with parking. It was my first time on the light rail in a few years, so it was cool to have the experience again. Here is a picture of my view on the light rail, right after departing:



It was about a 30-minute ride from the station to Target Field. Ugh. Oh well, at least I got to see parts of Minneapolis I haven’t seen, so that was cool and all. On the ride I mostly just checked the rosters, took pictures, and prepared my stuff. After awhile, the city came in to view, which meant we were close, so of course I got pretty excited.



All the construction you see is for the new Vikings stadium. But that’s not important (to me… I’m a Packers fan, like it or not) . Once we arrived at the stadium, we went straight to Gate 3, where we waited for about 15 minutes. Once the gates opened, I sprinted over to the left field bleachers, but they were filling up fast, so I went over to right center. This was my view of BP:



I really like the ASG logo out in center. I hope they keep the Minnesota silhouette. Anyways, My first ball of the day was a ball hit to the wall, shagged by Kansas City Royals pitching prospect, Christian Binford, who tossed it to me after requesting. A few minutes later, I saw that Red Sox pitching prospect Henry Owens had a ball in his hand. But he was in shallow right-center, so I shouted out at him, and he turned around. I waved my arms so he could see it was me who had shouted out at him for the ball. He pointed to his cap as to ask me what team logo I had on mine, but he gave up on trying to figure out and threw the ball towards me. Yes! But his throw was off and it hit the video board just above me, and bounced back on to the field, where it was tossed to another fan. Dang, it would have been really nice to snag that ball. The video board is pictured inside of the red circle.

powerball pavillion2

Unfortunately, This wouldn’t be the only missed baseball-snagging opportunity for me today. My second ball was snagged shortly after, an overthrow to some kids by some player I didn’t see because he was on the warning track and I was a few rows back. I immediately handed that ball to a little kid. He was too shy to say anything but the guy that had brought him was very appreciative.

Shortly after, I ran into a famous ballhawk, Erik Jabs. If you don’t know who he is, he leads mygameballs.com for most balls snagged in 2014. We introduced ourselves and talked for a few minutes about totals, Target Field, and what not. He also had his daughter along with him, which I thought was nice. A little while later Nate wondered over, so we asked each other how many we each had got. I told him I thought we should spread out, so we did, moving a few sections apart but in the same area. Somehow Nate and I gravitated toward each other, and somehow we both ended up asking for a ball at the same time, from Hunter Harvey I think it was. Hunter tossed the ball to us, and we both instinctively reached out for it, but I naturally got it because I have longer arms. Nate wasn’t overly happy, because he thought the ball was intended for him. Anyways, that was my third and final ball of the day.

Remember how I said the Henry Owens incident wasn’t my last missed baseball-snagging opportunity? Well i’m gonna tell you about that now. I was still in right center when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a baseball flying in the air, which I could tell was going to land to the left of me, so I jogged deeper into the row and and got ready for the snag. I was in the second row, so by the time it got there it was about to bounce, so I stuck my glove out low to the ground and watched the ball in. It tipped off my glove and bounced back, where I frantically looked for it, by which time some lady had picked it up. I was super disappointed that I blew an opportunity like that. I was pretty bummed about it for the rest of the day. Whats surprising is that I am typically a pretty good fly ball catcher, one of the best on my baseball team in fact. I just can’t figure out how I dropped it. Sadly I have yet to catch a home run on the fly.

BP was quite a show, possibly the best display of power I’ve ever seen in person. Once it wrapped up, I went over to the USA side to try and score some autographs, but it was too packed. I noticed that some players on the World side were signing autographs, so I decided to try my luck over there, where I got Tayron Guerrero to sign my program.




After that , Nate and I went to our seats. You could say we had a pretty nice view:


The USA ended up winning, 3-2. I would have to say the highlight of the game would have to be the Kennys Vargas double. I think he has a pretty bright future, hopefully always with the Twins. In between events, there was a free Panic! At the Disco concert. I’m not a big fan of them but I’m pretty sure that I have one or two of their songs on my iPhone. Cool.


Now on to the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. This part was more interesting to watch, I would have to say. Don’t get me wrong, baseball is my favorite sport and most likely will be throughout my entire life, but the goofing – around type atmosphere with the celebs was just pretty fun and cool. I can’t quite remember, but one of the teams was crushing the other. I was really pumped that I got to see Jim Thome swing a bat for the first time in quite awhile, but he put on a disappointing hitting display. Nelly, sure didn’t. He had a great diving catch at third and hit a couple bombs. Oh, and you should have seen Melanie Iglesias’s swing… Horrible. Once everything wrapped up, I sneaked down into the National League side dugout box, where I ran into one of my friends/teammates. That was a nice surprise. Celebrities and former players started to sign autographs eventually, and since I had a couple official league balls with me, I attempted to get them signed. I can say I came away with one of my favorite actors autographs, and a models autograph. The actor is Charlie McDermott, who stars on ABC Families “The Middle”. It’s a pretty good show. Speaking of pretty, the models autograph I got was Melanie Iglesias. My friend that I talked about helped me out with that one, as he was in the first row and I was in the second, since you had to toss the stuff down to the people. Here is a picture of the softball game that I took, just because I thought it’s pretty amazing that this veteran is still playing with one arm:


Overall I had I great time, too bad it’s only here for a few days every 30 – somethin years.


The Haul:






3 balls at this game

22 Lifetime Balls

3 Autographs








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